SC17 Denver, CO

Runtime Solutions to Apply Non-Volatile Memories in Future Computer Systems

Student: Hoda Aghaei Khouzani (University of Delaware)
Advisor: Chengmo Yang (University of Delaware)
Abstract: Memory system is an indispensable part of any computer system from large supercomputers to embedded devices. Its performance, energy, capacity, and management algorithms must scale as computer systems scale to ensure the desired performance growth and the possibility of running new applications. Unfortunately, observable trends of current memory technologies from on-chip Static-RAM (SRAM) caches to Dynamic-RAM (DRAM) main memory and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage are failing to respond to these existing and emerging requirements, which lead researchers in both academia and industry to look for alternative solutions. Many promising non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies are introduced to replace current devices on various levels of memory hierarchy. Due to the extent of memory hierarchy subject and the diversity of NVM technologies, the main focus of this study is main memory. Specifically, it explores the feasibility of applying two of promising NVMs, namely, phase change memory (PCM) and domain wall memory (DWM).

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