SC17 Denver, CO

Doctoral Showcase

  1. Bounded Asynchrony and Nested Parallelism for Scalable Graph Processing. Adam Fidel (Texas A&M University)
  2. Computing Architectures Exploiting Optical Interconnect and Optical Memory Technologies. Pavlos Maniotis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
  3. Designing and Building Efficient HPC Cloud with Modern Networking Technologies on Heterogeneous HPC Clusters. Jie Zhang (Ohio State University)
  4. A Heterogeneous HPC Platform for Ill-Structured Spatial Join Processing. Danial Aghajarian (Georgia State University)
  5. Hierarchical Sparse Graph Computations on Multicore Platforms. Humayun Kabir (Pennsylvania State University)
  6. Mitigating Variability in HPC Systems and Applications for Performance and Power Efficiency. Bilge Acun (University of Illinois)
  7. Modeling and Comparison of Large-Scale Interconnect Designs. Md Atiqul Mollah (Florida State University)
  8. Nornir: A Power-Aware Runtime Support for Parallel Applications. Daniele De Sensi (University of Pisa)
  9. Performance Prediction Modeling of GPU Applications. Marcos AmarĂ­s (University of Sao Paulo)
  10. Productivity and Software Development Effort Estimation in HPC. Sandra Wienke (RWTH Aachen University)
  11. Reducing Communication Costs in the Parallel Algebraic Multigrid. Amanda J. Bienz (University of Illinois)
  12. Runtime Solutions to Apply Non-Volatile Memories in Future Computer Systems. Hoda Aghaei Khouzani (University of Delaware)
  13. Speeding Up GPU Graph Processing Using Structural Graph Properties. Merijn Elwin Verstraaten (University of Amsterdam)
  14. Using Runtime Energy Optimizations to Improve Energy Efficiency in High Performance Computing. Sridutt Bhalachandra (University of North Carolina)

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