SC17 Denver, CO

Lowering Barriers into HPC through Open Education

Workshop: Workshop on Education for High Performance Computing (EduHPC)

Abstract: In this paper, we describe a trilogy of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that together expose knowledge and skills of fundamental importance to HPC. Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers (LAFF) covers topics found in an introductory undergraduate course on linear algebra. It links abstraction in mathematics to abstraction in programming, with many enrichments that connect to HPC. LAFF- On Programming for Correctness introduces how to systematically derive programs to be correct. Of importance to HPC is that this methodology yields families of algorithms so that the best one for a given situation can be chosen. Programming for HPC (working title) is in the design stage. We envision using a very simple example, matrix-matrix multiplication, to illustrate how to achieve performance on a single core, on multicore and many-core architectures, and on distributed memory computers. These materials lower barriers into HPC by presenting insights, supports, and challenges to novices and HPC experts while scaling access to the world.

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