SC17 Denver, CO

The OLCF GPU Hackathon Series: The Story Behind Advancing Scientific Applications with a Sustained Impact

Workshop: Workshop on Education for High Performance Computing (EduHPC)

Abstract: The OLCF GPU Hackathons are a one-week code-development/learning event to better enable attendees to utilize GPUs. It only took three years to grow from a “Let’s give this a try”-event to a repeatedly copied format with several spin- offs that inspired HPC centers around the world. Sticking to a few fundamental principles—work on your own code, learn from your mentors just what you need and when you need it, stay flexible in achieving your goal—the week long hackathon format created at Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) has been just the spark needed by many groups of scientists to light the fire of a wider GPU adoption in leading- edge as well as university-scale HPC environments. Most interestingly, the format enabled both ends of the experience spectrum—graduate students vs. postdoc fellows—the same kind of progress and chance of success.

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