SC17 Denver, CO

Evaluating GPGPU Memory Performance Through the C-AMAT Model

Workshop: Workshop on Memory Centric Programming for HPC
Authors: Hariharan Devarajan (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Abstract: General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) have become a popular platform to accelerate computing. However, while they provide additional computing powers, GPGPU have put even more pressure on the already behindhand memory systems. Memory performance is an identified performance killer of GPGPU. Evaluating, understanding, and improving GPGPU data access delay is an imperative research issue of high-performance computing. In this study, we utilize the newly proposed C-AMAT (Concurrent Average Memory Access Time) model to measure the memory performance of GPGPU. We first introduce a GPGPU-specialized measurement design of C-AMAT. Then the modern GPGPU simulator, GPGPU-Sim, is used to carry the performance study. Finally, the performance results are analyzed.

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