SC17 Denver, CO

Preliminary Performance Evaluation of Coarray-based Implementation of Fiber Miniapp Suite Using XcalableMP PGAS Language

Workshop: PAW 2017: The 2nd Annual PGAS Applications Workshop
Authors: Hitoshi Murai (RIKEN)

Abstract: XcalableMP (XMP) is a PGAS language that is defined by the XMP Specification Working Group of the PC Cluster Consortium. This paper provides the implementation and evaluation of the Fiber miniapp suite, which is maintained mainly by RIKEN AICS, on the basis of the local-view parallelization model using the coarray feature of XMP. In many cases, a coarray-based implementation can be obtained by replacing original MPI functions with coarray assignment statements. For irregular applications, we show a method to rewrite it into coarray-based one in this paper. The evaluation on the K computer using the Omni XcalableMP compiler we are developing showed that some of the XMP implementations are comparable to the original ones but there are performance degradations with the others, which is due to a large overhead of allocating dynamic coarrays at runtime.

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