SC17 Denver, CO

ABCI - AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure for Everyone

Workshop: ATIP Workshop on International Exascale and Next-Generation Computing Programs
Authors: Satoshi Sekiguchi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Abstract: Japan has a number of strengths with regard to AI research. One is its technological foundation in manufacturing. It is likely that AI will revolutionize the manufacturing workplaces which are the pride of Japan. Japan also offers top-class global services in the fields of healthcare and caregiving. If the huge amounts of previously accumulated data and expertise can be shared using the latest technology, including big data analytics, it will become possible to offer advanced services in even more locations. This will result in possibilities to move towards healthcare plans that are increasingly personalized for the individual.

The recent AI boom is supported by advancing Algorithms including Deep Learning, more volume of Big Data accessible, and Computing Power. For the use of AI in the real life there is a huge demand of computing resources to train networks with big data, which may take over a year with a standard server. However, manufacturing industry and/or healthcare service providers may not wish to install such larger computing machines on premise. ABCI – AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure is designed to offer shared computing service for such business to accelerate of pervade AI. ABCI is an open innovation platform with computing resources of more than hundred PetaFlops for world-class AI R&D in particular to accelerate Deep Learning type of computation.

In this short presentation, the ABCI project will be overviewed.

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