SC17 Denver, CO

QUARC: An Optimized DSL Framework Using LLVM

Workshop: LLVM-HPC2017: Fourth Workshop on the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure in HPC
Authors: Diptorup Deb (University of North Carolina)

Abstract: We describe aspects of the implementation of QUARC, a framework layered on C++ used for a domain specific language for Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics. It is built on top of Clang/LLVM to leverage long term support and performance portability. QUARC implements a general array extension to C++ with implicit data parallelism. A notable innovation is the method for using templates to capture and encode the high-level abstractions and to communicate these abstractions transparently to LLVM through an unmodified Clang. Another notable feature is a general array transformation mechanism used to improve memory hierarchy performance and maximize opportunities for vectorization. This reshapes and transposes arrays of structures containing nested complex arrays into arrays of structures of arrays. We discuss an example for which QUARC generated code has performance competitive with the very best hand-optimized libraries.

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