SC17 Denver, CO

Optimizing Convolutional Neural Networks for Cloud Detection

Workshop: Machine Learning in HPC Environments

Abstract: Deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have become extremely popular and successful at a number of machine learning tasks. One of the great challenges of successfully deploying a CNN is designing the network: specifying the network topology (sequence of layer types) and configuring the network (setting all the internal layer hyper-parameters). There are a number of techniques which are commonly used to design the network. One of the most successful is a simple (but lengthy) random search.

In this paper, we demonstrate how a random search can be dramatically improved by a two-phase search. The first phase is a traditional random search on n network configurations. The second phase exploits a support vector machine to guide a second random search on N network configurations. We apply this technique to a dataset containing satellite imagery and demonstrate that we can, with very high accuracy, identify regions containing clouds which obscure the landscape below.

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