SC17 Denver, CO

Software Engineering for Computational Science and Engineering: What Can Work and What Will Not

Workshop: The 2017 International Workshop on Software Engineering for High Performance Computing in Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (SE-CoDeSE 2017)
Authors: Michael A. Heroux (Sandia National Laboratories, St. John’s University)

Abstract: Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) exhibits a broad spectrum of software development and usage models and can benefit substantially from the knowledge and experience of the broader software engineering community. Even so, the nature of scientists, scientific research, and the role that software plays in scientific and engineering processes requires careful adaptation and adoption of mainstream concepts and practices.

In this talk, we highlight some of the key characteristics that shape the development and use of software in the CSE community. We then discuss some specific concepts and practices used in the broader software community that have strong appeal and promise for our community, and argue that some approaches used in the past, and still being used today, are not a good fit.

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