SC17 Denver, CO

Introduction - Workshop on Education for High Performance Computing (EduHPC)

Workshop: Workshop on Education for High Performance Computing (EduHPC)

Abstract: The EduHPC Workshop is devoted to the development and assessment of educational resources for undergraduate and graduate education in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Parallel and Distributed Computing (PDC). This year we are broadening the scope to explicitly include data science curriculum (e.g. for new degree programs and within data science centers) and topics related to Internet of Things. PDC, HPC and data science now permeate the world of computing to a degree that makes it imperative for even entry-level computer professionals to incorporate these computing modalities into their computing toolboxes, no matter what type of computing problems they work on. This workshop focuses on the state of the art in HPC and PDC education via contributed and invited papers from academia, industry, government laboratories and other educational and research institutions. Topics of interest include all topics pertaining to the teaching of PDC and HPC within Computer Science and Engineering, Computational Science, and Domain Science and Engineering curricula. The emphasis of the workshop is undergraduate education, but fundamental issues related to graduate education are also welcome. The target audience will broadly include SC17 attendees from academia, industry, and research laboratories. This includes both researchers and educators, as well as the early adopters of the NSF/TCPP curriculum guidelines on teaching PDC ( The workshop is coordinated by the NSF-supported Center for Parallel and Distributed Computing Curriculum Development and Educational Resources (CDER). EduHPC has been an SC workshop since 2013 with attendance of 90 in 2015 and 75 in 2016.

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