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Visualizations of a High-Resolution Global-Regional Nested, Ice-Sea-Wave Coupled Ocean Model System

Authors: Kangyou Zhong (Sun Yat-Sen University), Danya Xu (Sun Yat-Sen University), Changsheng Chen (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth; Sun Yat-Sen University), Yutong Lu (Sun Yat-Sen University), Wenjie Dong (Sun Yat-Sen University), Jiang Li (Sun Yat-Sen University)

Abstract: A multi-scale, global-regional nested ocean modeling system based on the unstructured grid Finite Volume Community Ocean Model (FVCOM) has been deployed on the Tianhe-2 supercomputer providing 24/7 marine forecasting since September 2016. The modeling system is part of the Sun Yat-Sen University Community Integrated Model (SYCIM) project for developing a new generation Earth System Model to explore the physical mechanisms of climate change. With a horizontal resolution up to ~17 m, this high-resolution modeling system can properly resolve the complex dynamical interactions of estuary, near shore coast, continental shelf, and deep ocean basins. The submitted animation shows the modeled global surface waves distribution pattern and propagation in the world ocean basins and in the South China Sea. Additionally, the variations of the global sea surface temperature, Arctic and Antarctic sea ice thickness and extension simulated by SYCIM is also presented. The animation can not only be used to visualize the big data for scientific research but also as a good example to demonstrate dynamical variations of the ocean to non-scientific communities. We hope this animation can help to arouse public attention on some issues such as global warming, polar sea ice melting, ocean environment, and marine hazards.

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