SC17 Denver, CO

Implicit Low-Order Unstructured Finite-Element Multiple Simulation Enhanced by Dense Computation Using OpenACC

Workshop: Fourth Workshop on Accelerator Programming Using Directives (WACCPD)
Authors: Takuma Yamaguchi (University of Tokyo), Kohei Fujita (University of Tokyo, RIKEN)

Abstract: In this paper, we develop a low-order three-dimensional finite-element solver for fast multiple-case crust deformation analysis on GPU-based systems. Based on a high-performance solver designed for massively parallel CPU based systems, we modify the algorithm to reduce random data access, and then insert OpenACC directives. The developed solver on ten Reedbush-Hnodes (20 P100 GPUs) attained speedup of 14.2 times from 20 K computer nodes, which is high considering the peak memory bandwidth ratio of 11.4 between the two systems. On the newest Volta generation V100 GPUs, the solver attained a further 2.45 times speedup from P100 GPUs. As a demonstrative example, we computed 368 cases of crustal deformation analyses of northeast Japan with 400 million degrees of freedom. The total procedure of algorithm modification and porting implementation took only two weeks; we can see that high performance improvement was achieved with low development cost. With the developed solver, we can expect improvement in reliability of crust-deformation analyses by many-case analyses on a wide range of GPU-based systems.

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