SC17 Denver, CO

A Compiler Transformation-Based Approach to Scientific Workflow Enactment

Workshop: WORKS 2017 (12th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science)
Authors: Matthias Janetschek (University of Innsbruck)

Abstract: We investigate the application of compiler transformations to workflow applications using the Manycore Workflow Runtime Environment (MWRE), a compiler-based workflow environment for modern manycore computing architectures. MWRE translates scientific workflows into equivalent C++ programs and efficiently executes them using a novel callback mechanism for dependency resolution and data transfers, with explicit support for full-ahead scheduling. We evaluate four different classes of compiler transformations, analyse their advantages and possible solutions to overcome their limitations, and present experimental results for improving the performance of a combination of real-world and synthetic workflows through compiler transformations. Our experiments were able to improve the workflow enactment by a factor of two and to reduce the memory usage of the engine by up to 33%. We achieved a speedup of up to 1.7 by eliminating unnecessary activity invocations, an improved parallel throughput up to 2.8 times by transforming the workflow structure, and a better performance of the HEFT scheduling algorithm by up to 36%.

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