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P48: Prototyping of Offloaded Persistent Broadcast on Tofu2 Interconnect

Authors: Yoshiyuki Morie (RIKEN), Masayuki Hatanaka (RIKEN), Masamichi Takagi (RIKEN), Atsushi Hori (RIKEN), Yutaka Ishikawa (RIKEN)

Abstract: With the increasing scale of parallel computers, it has become more important to reduce communication time. Overlapping computation and communication is one effective method for hiding communication delay. Although standard non-blocking collective communication is an overlap method, it requires generating a communication command sequence for each collective communication. In contrast, persistent non-blocking collective communication can generate the sequence at initialization and reuse it at the start of collective communication. Moreover, if the sequence can be offloaded to a network device, more efficient execution is possible without using CPU cycles.

In this poster, a persistent non-blocking broadcast is implemented using the offloading functionality of the Tofu2 interconnect on the Fujitsu FX100 supercomputer, the successor to the K computer. We report the performance improvement by offloading persistent non-blocking collective communication in a real machine.

Award: Best Poster Finalist (BP): no

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