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P56: ZoneTier: A Zone-Based Storage Tiering and Caching Co-Design to Integrate SSDs with Host-Aware SMR Drives

Authors: Xuchao Xie (National University of Defense Technology), Liquan Xiao (National University of Defense Technology), David H.C. Du (University of Minnesota)

Abstract: Integrating solid state drives (SSDs) and host-aware shingled magnetic recording (HA-SMR) drives can potentially build a cost-effective high-performance storage system. However, existing SSD tiering and caching designs in such a hybrid system are not fully matched with the intrinsic properties of HA-SMR drives due to their handling of non-sequential writes (NSWs) from both workloads and data migration. We propose ZoneTier, a zone-based storage tiering and caching co-design, to effectively control all the NSWs by leveraging the host-aware property of HA-SMR drives. ZoneTier exploits the real-time data layouts of HA-SMR zones to optimize zone placements, reshape NSWs generated from zone demotions to HA-SMR drive preferred sequential writes, and transforms the inevitable NSWs to HA-SMR zones to cleaning-friendly write traffics. Our experiments show that ZoneTier can utilize SSDs with high efficiency, minimize relocation overhead, shorten performance recovery time of HA-SMR drives, and finally accomplish better system performance than existing hybrid storage designs.
Award: Best Poster Finalist (BP): no

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