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P64: romeoLAB : HPC Training Platform on HPC facility

Authors: Jean-Matthieu Etancelin (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne), Arnaud Renard (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne)

Abstract: In this pre-exascale era, we are observing a dramatic increase of the necessity of computer science courses dedicated to parallel programming with advanced technologies on hybrid architectures. The full hybrid cluster Romeo has long been used for that purpose in order to train master students and cluster users. The main issue for trainees is the cost of accessing and exploiting a production facility in a pedagogic context. The use of some specific techniques and software (SSH, workload manager, remote file system, …) is mandatory without being part of courses prerequisites nor pedagogic objectives. The romeoLAB platform we developed at ROMEO HPC Center is an online interactive pedagogic platform for HPC technologies courses. Its main purpose is to simplify the process of resource usage in order to focus on the taught subjects. This paper presents the context, the romeoLAB architecture and its motivations, usages and pedagogical contents.
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