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P71: Is ARM Software Ecosystem Ready for HPC?

Authors: Fabio Banchelli (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Daniel Ruiz (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Ying Hao Xu Lin (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Filippo Mantovani (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)

Abstract: In recent years, the HPC community has increasingly grown its interest towards the ARM architecture with research projects targeting primarily the deployment of ARM-based clusters. Attention is usually given to hardware platforms, however the availability of a mature software ecosystem and the possibility of running large and complex HPC applications plays a key role in the consolidation process of a new technology.

For this reason in this poster we present a preliminary evaluation of the ARM system software ecosystem, limited here to the ARM HPC Compiler and the ARM Performance Libraries, together with a porting and testing of three fairly complex HPC code suites: QuantumESPRESSO, WRF, and FEniCS.

These codes have been proposed as HPC challenges during the last two editions of the Student Cluster Competition at ISC where all the authors have been involved operating an ARM-based cluster and awarded with the Fan Favorite award.

Award: Best Poster Finalist (BP): no

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