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P70: FFT, FMM, and Multigrid on the Road to Exascale: Performance Challenges and Opportunities

Authors: Huda Ibeid (University of Illinois), Luke Olson (University of Illinois), William Gropp (University of Illinois)

Abstract: FFT, FMM, and multigrid methods are widely used fast and highly scalable solvers for elliptic PDEs. However, emerging systems are introducing challenges in comparison to current petascale computers. The International Exascale Software Project Roadmap identifies several constraints on the design of exascale software. Challenges include massive concurrency, energy efficiency, resilience management, exploiting the high performance of heterogeneous systems, and utilizing the deeper and more complex memory hierarchy expected at exascale. In this study, we perform model-based comparison of the FFT, FMM, and multigrid methods in the context of these constrains and use the performance models to offer predictions about the methods performance on possible exascale system configurations, based on current technology trends.
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