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P23: AI with Super-Computed Data for Monte Carlo Earthquake Hazard Classification

Authors: Tsuyoshi Ichimura (University of Tokyo, RIKEN), Kohei Fujita (University of Tokyo, RIKEN), Takuma Yamaguchi (University of Tokyo), Muneo Hori (University of Tokyo, RIKEN), Maddegedara Lalith (University of Tokyo, RIKEN), Naonori Ueda (RIKEN)

Abstract: Many problems associated with earthquakes are yet to be solved using heroic computing, which is defined as computing at the largest scale possible using the best supercomputers and algorithms. Thus, a continuous effort has been pursued in HPC to solve these problems. However, even when heroic computing is applied, its practical use is difficult without considering the uncertainties in models. In this study, we constructed an AI methodology that uses super-computed data generated using heroic computing. We applied this AI to an earthquake hazard classification including uncertainty analyses in order to demonstrate its utility. This study can be regarded as an innovative step towards realizing high quality computing for Earthquakes by exploiting the potential of HPC through AI.
Award: Best Poster Finalist (BP): yes

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