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Visualizing Silicene Growth Through Island Migration and Coalescence

Authors: Joseph A. Insley (Argonne National Laboratory, Northern Illinois University), Mathew J. Cherukara (Argonne National Laboratory), Badri Narayanan (Argonne National Laboratory), Henry Chan (Argonne National Laboratory), Subramanian Sankaranarayanan (Argonne National Laboratory)

Abstract: Massively parallel molecular dynamics simulations carried out on the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility’s supercomputer, Mira, are providing insight into materials that are vital to the improved design and functionality of the next generation of electronic devices. Silicene has a number of desirable properties, which could make it ideal for use in such devices. These simulations identify the elementary steps involved in the formation and evolution of monolayers of silicene on an iridium substrate. In this work, we present the visualization of the various stages of silicene nucleation and growth identified in these studies.

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