SC17 Denver, CO

Omni-Path User Group (OPUG) Meeting

Authors: J. Ray Scott (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)

Abstract: The goal of this BoF is to provide a forum for users and other interested parties to share their experiences and insights using the Omni-Path interconnect fabric from Intel. The format will consist of an introduction, an Omni-Path product update on the hardware, new software features, important IFS updates, and more, followed by panel presentations from sites who have Omni-Path installations, and group discussion, targeting 50% of the time to the short presentations and 50% to audience engagement.

Long Description: The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) proposes a BOF session at SC17 to host a meeting of the Omni-Path User Group (OPUG), initiated at PSC following the world’s first deployment of the Intel Omni-Path interconnect fabric. The OPUG BOF at SC16 was a great success, with more than 80 attendees, despite being scheduled late in the afternoon on Thursday. We are confident that an SC17 BOF will attract even more attendees. The BOF will provide a forum for users and other interested parties to share experiences and insights using this Omni-Path technology. We have invited members of the OPUG to give short presentations on their experiences with Omni-Path. The presentations will last roughly 30 minutes and the remainder of the time will be left for open discussion among participants. This BOF will prove to be timely and beneficial to a global user base, as important systems utilizing Omni-Path have come online since the XSEDE Bridges system.

The following panelists are confirmed: - J Ray Scott, PSC – Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology – Dan Stanzione, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) – 4th panelist TBA.

Additional panelists will be announced at

As with the SC16 BOF, we will ask survey questions following the meeting. The responses will be anonymous and the questions will be restricted to whether attendees found the BOF valuable/useful, whether they think such meetings should continue, and whether they would attend future meetings.

Conference Presentation: pdf

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