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OpenMP® is Twenty. Where Is It Going?

Authors: Mr. Jim Cownie (Intel Corporation)

Abstract: OpenMP is twenty this year. In HPC it is the most commonly used way to exploit thread-level parallelism, and can now support accelerators.

The aim of this BoF is to give you information about OpenMP's current state and future evolution. A significant amount of time (75%) will be available for you to ask our OpenMP experts your OpenMP questions. Our experts are members of the OpenMP ARB from both companies which support OpenMP and sites which are important OpenMP users.

OpenMP is now much more than "parallel loops". If you use it, or expect to, this BoF is for you.

Long Description: The BoF topic is OpenMP: one of the most important techniques for exploiting non-MPI parallelism. OpenMP is a critical HPC technology, used in many significant HPC codes. OpenMP is therefore hugely important to all HPC programmers who have multi-core chips (or accelerators, where it provides a vendor-neutral language).

OpenMP continues to develop. OpenMP 5.0 is expected at SC18, and OpenMP TR6 ("OpenMP 5.0 Beta") will be available at SC17, so it is important to educate OpenMP users about what is coming soon and gather feedback from the community.

The goals of the BoF are 1) to educate existing and potential users of OpenMP about modern OpenMP and its evolution, 2) to gather feedback from the audience about where they want OpenMP to go, 3) to provide a forum in which OpenMP users and prospective users can question the people driving the OpenMP standard.

We ran an OpenMP BoF with a similar format last year and received good ratings in the audience feedback.

The expected outcomes are 1) that attendees will have enjoyed themselves, while becoming more knowledgeable about OpenMP and its development. 2) members of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) will have received feedback from the OpenMP community to help them set the directions for OpenMP which the community desires.

The tangible outcome will be a report from the BoF leaders to the OpenMP ARB detailing the community feedback which we obtain; this will also be published as a blog at the OpenMP web site and will be available for archiving by SC.

Conference Presentation: pdf

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