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Americas HPC Collaboration

Authors: Dr. Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez (Advanced Computing Service for Latin America and the Caribbean, Industrial University of Santander)

Abstract: This BoF Americas HPC Collaboration reach to present different experiences of the collaboration between XSEDE, Compute Canada and different countries in Latin America after the first meeting developed during SC15 at Austin, Texas. The goals of this BoF is to show the state of continental of the HPC collaboration, the development of regional HPC networks (XSEDE, Compute Canada and SCALAC) and define a new roadmap for the next two years following the experience of PRACE in Europe to create an Americas HPC Partnership. (A official letter of intention will be proposed to formalize the collaboration). More information at:

Long Description: From 10 years, different projects to build advanced computing platforms and research initiatives were developed in Latin America with the important support of different European, USA and Canada institutions. Projects as EELA, EELA-2, GISELA, CHAIN-REDS and RISC, initiatives of collaboration between national partners in public and private entities were important for academic and industrial development, mainly for the Americas problems and interests.

Today, consequences of the collaboration allow proposing and making research, development and innovation with an important impact in the economy in several senses. This measurable growing generates new types of projects, following important aspects in Education and Outreach, Industrial Partnership, Technical Transference and Government agreements. Due to this collaboration, from 2012 exits SCALAC – Advanced Computing System for Latin America and Caribbean.

In 2015, SCALAC organizes two interesting events about the collaboration in HPC: In July, a first workshop developed in the International Supercomputing Conference 2015 in Frankfurt (70 attendees), Germany, to present the initiatives between Europe and Latin America, and in November of the same year during the Supercomputing Conference at Austin (60 attendees), the BoF Americas HPC Collaboration to present different between XSEDE, Compute Canada and different countries in Latin America.

In consequence, organizers and participants propose establish a discussion about the continental collaboration, following experiences developed in Europe (as PRACE) main axes to create an “Americas” context to support the Americas HPC Collaboration. For this, we joins leaders, users (industrial and academics) and researchers of the fourth advanced and high performance computing systems in the America continent: XSEDE, Compute Canada, SCALAC and SINAPAD (National HPC Network in Brazil).

This second BoF must offer a space of exchange experiences and descriptions of the different point of view of the attendees, aiming the promotion and support of new collaborations across the different countries of our continent. These collaborations can be between industrial enterprises, universities, research centers and mixed consortiums. This exchange allows to know the real state of the collaboration after two years of the first BoF to propose a roadmap to build a continental partnership joined the different regional Advanced Computing systems efforts, technology, knowledge and experience following other continental projects, as the case of the European partnership PRACE.

And the end of this BoF we attends special tasks: the construction of a document/report about the real state of the continental HPC collaboration, the signature of a letter of intention to create a framework to partnership on advanced computing interests from the three regional/continental projects (XSEDE, Compute Canada and SCALAC) and a first project to propose a continental roadmap to reach a formal partnership to Americas interests observing not only technology, also education skills.

Conference Presentation: pdf

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